Sinsal Festival: XV edition of a festival with secret line-up

Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia is undoubtedly one of the most unique festivals in Europe.

Its history goes back fourteen years and is characterized by its own sound identity. Born in Vigo in 2003 and since then, more than 300 concerts have been organized in which artists from all over the world come together to present their music to children, teenagers and adults in a unique and unprecedented experience in Spain. It is, thus, a festival for all.

This year is celebrated from 21st to 23rd July and takes place, as in all previous editions, on the island of San Simón, located in the Ría de Vigo and belonging to Concello de Redondela. One of the peculiarities of this festival is that it develops in daytime (from noon to sunset) and the public can only access it on boats chartered by the organization. The price of the boat trip is included in the ticket price. The trip to the island is already a unique experience, since it has an exciting history (it used to be a monastery, an orphanage and a prison). The other circumstance that makes the festival magical is the secret line-up: the public does not know the names of the music bands until they enter the island, and (for obvious reasons of respect to the environment) only 800 people can enjoy every day of the Sinsal.

In addition, it has a great gastronomic offer, although it is also allowed that everyone carry their own food and their own drinks (always without alcohol).

Parallel to the development of the festival, there are numerous activities for all audiences, such as conferences, meetings, workshops, games…

Everyone who comes in says that it is difficult to explain what happens there, the extraordinary atmosphere that is created, and everyone also insists that it is an absolutely unique festival. Perhaps that’s why in 2015 the Sinsal received the “Best Small Format Festival in Spain” award, and in 2017 won two Iberian Festival Awards, “Prize for cultural activities organized at the festival” and “Prize to the best brand activation “.

And, as we say, the Sinsal hosts one of the most beautiful and special events of how many known festivals are there during the year. So if you want to live a unique experience in an incomparable environment, do not think too much. The island of San Simón is waiting for you!


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