Ourense refreshing routes

Ourense, the only totally inland province of Galicia, knows what the summer heat is like. One of the ways to combat it is to go on an excursion to look for the coolest in a pool among the mountains, in the shade of the trees, or on the river beaches. With so many rivers, streams, reservoirs… there are many options to choose from. Here are some ideas:

The Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés natural park hides one of the highest waterfalls in Galicia, which falls on the Caldo river, running between granite rocks that are highly appreciated for canyoning, with more than 400 m of unevenness, jumps, handrails and rappels . It is about A Corga da Fecha. To get there we can take a circular route that starts in Os Baños de Río Caldo, a very refreshing area as well, with a recreational area and outdoor thermal pools. The path continues through A Corga, Cabaniña do Curro and back along the Vía Nova, a Roman road that connected Bracara Augusta with Asturica Augusta. The Roman past impregnates the path, especially when passing through the vestiges of Aquis Ogeresibus, one of the twelve mansios, a kind of hostel, along the route. The climb to the waterfall itself is somewhat hard, but it is rewarded by swimming in the clean and fresh waters of the pools of A Corga. From the highest area we have good views of the waterfall, the Caldo river and the Santa Eufemia mountain range.

Also in the O Xurés area we find a fluvial beach with very clean waters and several paths to walk. We are referring to As Perdices beach, on the Pacín river, a tributary of the Limia. It is from these river beaches where you can see the bottom, the background, and beyond. Nearby there is a recreational area with parking, tables, walkway with footbridges… From here you can take the path to the Os Cirolos pools. We have another deviation towards Pía da Moura and Castro dos Castelos. Although the best-known route is, without a doubt, the route to the Pozo Caído waterfall, which is reached after following the path of the river upstream. There is a wooden footbridge with a viewing platform overlooking the show.

If we are looking for a larger extension of water, and a variety of activities, a great destination is the nautical park of Castrelo de Miño. It is located in the reservoir of the same name, which was built in 1969. It offers many services: municipal swimming pool, basketball and soccer court, cafeteria, children’s playground… And the possibility of placing caiacs, pedal boats, paddle surf boards… They also do rowing, canoeing and sailing. One of the alternatives is to go on a catamaran route.

There is a route as short as it is marvelous in Cartelle: the Santo do río Arnoia route. Cover no more than 3 km, and go to the parishes of Mundil and Vilar de Vacas, following the right side of the river. Start at Ponte Nova or Ponte de Grixó, near an old mill; Further on there is a river beach and the recreational area of ​​Ponte Nova. Afterwards, a path begins along the river bank, with wooden walkways to make it more comfortable and to be able to be on the same beach without danger. Ao us step, remains of watermills with green mantle of reeds. From time to time, the rocks of the road come from cores, the work of Pepe Álvarez, or Ibarrola de Cartelle. There is a path that leads to Cova da Moura, which doesn’t hurt if it rains or is a very hot day. The path ends at the chapel of San Bartomeu, in the middle of an old oak grove, near the vestiges of a castro (hillfort).


The fluvial path of the Edo river is prepared to pass it well, there is no escape. And, of course, to refresh bodies and minds. It begins in the recreational area of ​​Ponte das Táboas, which is equipped with a swimming pool, inflatables, stone tables and benches, barbecues… Some wooden stairs give way to the path, which is next to the river, surrounded by the shade of the trees, with some The rest of the muíño and several pools that will be swept up and following the path we head to Castro Caldelas.

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